Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a whirlwind stirs

After a month and a half of captivity in the UAE, I'm breaking out of this place. Starting September 4, you can follow my travels from the UAE to the UK where I'll stop in London and Southampton for business meetings. From London, I return to the UAE for a quick meeting about upgrading one of our vessels to DPS-2, and then I really escape to New York for a few days. New York is followed by Georgia, where I'll be packing for the great move out to Houston. My unloading time in H-Town is short lived because I'll be flying to Portland, ME in order to drive to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. Bath is followed by a long car ride to Newport for the Newport Boat Show. While in Rhode Island, I'll visit the Hinckley facility in Portsmouth to checkout the T-24R, Haida's new tender. (Haven't heard of the T-24R, you say? That's because it, like Haida, is one of a kind.)

This job is definitely living up to the Chairman's "You're second office is an airplane" description. I can feel the winds picking up now. This job is definitely going to be a wild ride.


Merijn said...

Hi, I really enjoy your updates on M/Y HAIDA! I really hope she will be restored soon. Is it possible to e-mail me some photos for the yacht's profile on our website:
Merijn (

fred said...


Are you still working on the yacht/ project Haida.. I would love to talk about her with you.

Fred MY Dona Amelia (Ex haida G)

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